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One of the First Photometers for Labs

Lab Academy

You might got your basic training in the laboratory with one of ours… Based on nearly 70 years of photometry experience, Eppendorf has developed many different photometers over the time.

The microliter system of microtubes, a personal centrifuge, pipettes, and the thermoblock was launched in 1963. This system was supported by the Eppendorf photometers, an already established product group in the labs of that time. The filters of the photometer for different wavelength were set manually by changing the position of the filter cartridges.
In 1977, the first microprocessor-controlled Eppendorf Photometer (PCP 6121) was launched. Eppendorf was one of the first equipment manufacturers to integrate microprocessor technology in its analysis systems.

Eppendorf solutions