Genome editing and generation of transgenic animals


Genetically modified organisms are crucial tools for life science research and beyond. The availability of knockout mice has transformed our understanding of the disease mechanisms of many disorders including cancer, obesity, and heart disease. Today, novel genome editing technologies, such as CRISPR-Cas9, open up a wealth of options for understanding genetic aberrations, the etiology of human disease and studying potential therapeutic targets.



Pronuclear injection is the most commonly used method for generating transgenic animals. Efficient and effective microinjection is critical for successful injection. Due to its exceptional performance and innovative operation concept, the Eppendorf micromanipulation system is ideal for the precise manipulation required for pronuclear injection. In this regard it is an excellent tool for making your work simpler and more reliable, when using CRISPR.

Recommended Setup in Detail

Microscope Adapters for Micromanipulation Systems

Microscope adapter

Microscope adapters enable quick and easy installation of the TransferMan® 4m on your microscope of choice. Eppendorf micromanipulation systems are compatible with all conventional inverted microscopes manufactured by Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss.

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Eppendorf PiezoXpert®

The Eppendorf PiezoXpert® ensures gentle and effective penetration of the cell membrane. Piezo-assisted micromanipulation improves the results of a variety of applications.

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CellTram® 4r Air/Oil

The CellTram 4r Air and CellTram 4r Oil are manual microinjectors suitable for a broad range of life science applications.


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FemtoJet® 4i / 4x

Eppendorf's electronic microinjectors, the FemtoJet 4i and FemtoJet 4x, are ideal for reproducibly injecting small volumes into adherent cells and suspension cells. They form an ideal system with the TransferMan® 4r or InjectMan® 4 to facilitate and speed up your workflow.

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VacuTips for gentle holding of suspension cells
Tips® for cell or organelle transfer (e.g., nucleus transfer)

VacuTips and TransferTips® are excellent microcapillaries, designed to give you reproducible results for the most common applications. We offer you reliable quality through narrowly defined specifications and intensive quality control, as well as the highest safety through effective sterilization methods.

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Microloader tips are ideally suited to fill microcapillaries used for microinjection. These extremely long, fine and flexible tips provide the ideal solution for applications in which additional reach is needed while pipetting smallest volumes.

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