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Certificados y documentos de consumibles específicos de cada lote

How can we help you?

Our Certificates Team would be happy to answer your question!

Depending on the purity grade of Eppendorf consumable products, we provide lot-specific certificates, issued by an independent laboratory for the purity grades PCR clean, Sterile, PCR clean/Sterile, PCR clean/Protein-free, Biopur® , Forensic DNA Grade.

Additionally, we provide lot-specific sustainability declarations according to ISCC PLUS for Eppendorf Consumables “BioBased” to certify the bio-based content (according to the ISCC mass balance approach) used in the production of the lot.

For Eppendorf plastic consumables in “Eppendorf Quality” we provide general quality certificates only.
How to get the lot-specific consumable certificate you need:

  • Find the lot number on the label on the folding box of your consumable
  • The lot no. consists of six numbers framed by a capitalized letter on each side, e.g.: A123456B.
  • Enter the lot number (with the above letter/numbers/letter combination) in the box below and download your lot specific certificate
You need additional product documentation to your lot-specific certificate?

The number of standards, guidelines and regulations that apply to biological, diagnostic and industrial laboratories are constantly increasing and thus the need to provide proof of compliance with these requirements. Here we support you in meeting such requirement.

You can receive other general quality certificates, certificates for product (ACT-Label) and production site (ISCC Plus certification) sustainability (where available), instruction for use or technical data sheets (where available). You can receive a compilation of all the above-mentioned documents together with your lot-specific certificate download.

A package of your dedicated files can be downloaded for documentation purposes.

Introduzca su número de lote

El servicio no está disponible temporalmente.

Número de lote inválido. Por favor, compruebe en la etiqueta del producto si su consumible de plástico tiene el grado de pureza Sterile, PCR clean, Biopur®, Forensic DNA Grade o Protein-free. Si es así, vuelva a comprobar el número de lote y vuelva a introducirlo en la casilla de búsqueda. El número de lote está formado por seis números delimitados por una letra a cada lado, p. ej.: A123456B. No se proporcionan certificados específicos de lote para "Eppendorf Quality". Por favor, compruebe la etiqueta en el embalaje para asegurarse de que no está utilizando "calidad garantizada".


If you have any further questions you may contact us .