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Efficiency Meets Fidelity

Plates are integral to many workflows in your laboratory. Your samples and assets depend on reliable vessels that will not let you down. Beyond robust construction and ergonomic design, you require plates that can endure the rigors and scrutiny of daily lab activities and long-term storage. Barcoded plates offer the ideal solution for addressing seemingly minor challenges that can escalate into significant issues. Take advantage of reliable sample ID and safe sample inventory databases. Choose between pre-labeled off-the-shelf plates (SafeCode) or completely customized plate labeling.

SafeCode versus Barcode Wizard

SafeCode Plates

Barcoded Plates / customized


Meaning for user


Meaning for user
Professional labeling High reliabilty and quality Professional labeling High reliability and quality
Pre-coded Easy to order / no customization needed Customized High flexibility for code, code format, and number of codes
Own range of IDs with consecutive coding
Off-the-shelf Immediate availability / fast delivery Production on request Delivery time of up to a few weeks
Printed Durable labeling (mechanical, thermal, chemical) Sticker Basic mechanical stability
Standard box sizes (25-80 plates per unit) Fits to smaller projects and low throughput,
chance for smaller laboratories to get the advantage of professional labeling
Min. order quantity (depending on product) Suited for higher throughput applications
Unique ID guaranteed (over ALL Eppendorf consumables) Negligible risk that any other sample in the world has an identic ID
2 letters + 10 numbers result in >27 billion of IDs with identical format
Customer has full control over his/her IDs Safety depends on complexity of code and diligence of book keeping
2-color-print (white and black) High contrast allows safe reading;
technique is suited for colored plates (will be added to portfolio on request; customers can ask for it))
White sticker with black print
High contrast allows safe reading;
colored plates available
2D DataMatrix code (plus human readable and 1D barcode) High safety: even after up to 25% of damage still readable; future-proof code format 1D barcode
Standard safety level
Additional human readable code For more convenience during manual steps Additional human readable code For more convenience during manual steps
SafeCode feature
(self-identifying consumables)
ID-specific information via DataPort available (lot no., all certificates, instruction for use, technical drawings, product information) No SafeCode feature Eppendorf standard documentation, available via website
Fully automated process and less effort-intensive for Eppendorf Comprehensive price Administrative and production-related efforts from ordering to production Higher code flexibility results in increased price compared to SafeCode Plates

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Process for labeling your plates

1. Use the Eppendorf Barcode Wizard to specify barcodes for your plates.

2. Navigate to the detail page of the relevant product and click the link to start the wizard. Tip: Look out for the badge „Barcode Option“

3. Step 1/3: Select the barcode position you need and continue by clicking the button „Next step“

4. Step 2/3: Choose the barcode type, prefix and start number continue by clicking the button „Next step“

5. Step 3/3: Select the order quantity continue by clicking the button „Continue With Request“

6. Log in to your account with your email address and password or follow the prompts to create a new account

7. Check details, select shipping and billing address, write an optional comment and finally click the button “Request quotation”

8. You will receive an email containing a PDF document with your barcode specifications. This document will also be sent to your Eppendorf representative who will send you a quotation for the selected and specified items.

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