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Pipette Manager

Simplify Your Pipetting Routines with Connected Pipettes

Meet the Pipette Manager

Who doesn’t enjoy greater freedom and convenience when it comes to pipetting? Be ahead of the curve! Upgrade to connected electronic pipettes and enjoy faster operation, increased reproducibility and digital documentation of every step.

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Discover our digital Pipette Manager simulator, learn the first steps and see how it will simplify your lab work.

Experience a New Era of Handheld Pipetting

Connected electronic pipettes

Pipette Manager


Upgrade Eppendorf Xplorer® / Xplorer plus and Xplorer plus Move It® pipettes with the Eppendorf Xplorer connect WiFi module and convert them into smart devices.
The control panel with touch screen creates a dedicated, secure WiFi network, enabling seamless communication with connected electronic pipettes and tablets.
Connect tablets (with Google Chrome browser) to work in parallel with other lab users. Our user management system allows each connected tablet user to have autonomous control over their designated set of pipettes within the system.

Simplify Your Daily Pipetting Tasks with the Pipette Manager

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Be faster

Quickly input pipetting volumes and speed settings with the Pipette Manager touch screen. All settings will be transferred to connected electronic pipettes to work right away.

Be more accurate

Benefit from pre-defined, optimal pipetting settings (e.g., pre-wetting steps, aspiration & dispensing speed) for viscous, volatile and other challenging liquids.

Choose from various predefined liquid types (e.g. Ethanol or Enzymes/ Antibodies) or create your own types through the software embedded »Liquid Manager«.
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Be confident

Automatically record each pipetting step using the »Pipetting Records« feature and effortlessly export your recordings as a professional PDF document via USB.The documentation contains details such as user info, timestamp, serial number of the pipette, pipetting mode, volume and speed settings as well as the selected liquid type for each workstep.

Be better organized

Manage your pipette fleet more effectively and enhance collaboration in teams. Integrated features like »Pipette Set Creation« or »Liquid Type Sharing« support smooth and efficient operations.
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Evolve Your Electronic Pipettes - Plug & Play

Stay flexible with your electronic pipettes!

Effortlessly transform your conventional Eppendorf Xplorer® , Xplorer plus, and Xplorer plus Move It® electronic pipettes into connected devices with the WiFi module and a software update.
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Reference Case: Improve Processing of your Immunoassays

Learn more about the advantages using Lumit Immunoassays and the Eppendorf Pipette Manager connected electronic pipette system.
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Frequently Asked Questions


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General use

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Innovative features

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