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A new spin on clinical trials

Eppendorf offers a unique concept for Ancillary Suppliers equipping global clinical trial sites, extending far beyond mere centrifugation.

A central point of contact manages the entire process, from procurement to worldwide coordination of the supply chain, and on to IQ/OQ services. The specifically designed centrifuge solution is suitable for nearly all clinical trials, simplifying equipment management while facilitating reliable and reproducible results. Its unique features ensure best-practice centrifugation, supporting PBMC isolation from blood. Eppendorf is a strong partner in clinical trials, exemplifying a global infrastructure. Recognized for premium quality and customer-centric service, Eppendorf is unwaveringly committed to reliability and excellence.

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Streamline your centrifuge supply for clinical trials

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A unique concept beyond centrifugation

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*Intended use
The Centrifuge 5702/5702 R/5702 RH is a non-automatic centrifuge for separating liquid substance mixtures from the human body and is specifically intended for use as an accessory with an in-vitro diagnostic device in order to facilitate the in-vitro diagnostic device to be used in accordance with its intended use. Eppendorf centrifuges are only intended for indoor use and for operation by trained and skilled personnel.

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Simplify supporting your customers

Are you an Ancillary Supply Manager, looking for a strong partnership that minimizes effort and ensures seamless alignment with your client‘s needs? Contact us to explore how we can collaboratively enhance your operations!

See the selection guide of the Centrifuge 5702 for more information