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Enhancing your sample journey

Sample handling is key to your success. You invest your time, money, expertise and effort into each sample. It’s only natural that you care about your results. Let’s work together to minimize risk and maximize your performance; it’s our passion to help you to tackle the challenges in your lab.

What goals do you have for your lab?

Many life science labs, like yours, face common hurdles on the road to breakthroughs:

  • "How can I minimize interferences from foreign bodies?"
  • "Human errors are a constant concern for our lab's experiments."
  • "We're looking for ways to improve consistency and reproducibility in our results."

We hear you! Let us help you with solutions to overcome these obstacles and achieve your research goals.

Join the conversation and share your experience. Take part in the survey by providing your name and email address, add your vote and take the chance to win an engraved “Your Sample. Our Passion.” limited edition of the famous Eppendorf pipette pen.

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Star of the month: epMotion® 96 Flex

Elevate your team’s potential: work across a variety of applications with higher efficiency and throughput compared to hand-held pipettes. The epMotion® 96 Flex electronic pipetting system will be your new reliable companion in the pursuit of your scientific milestones.

Catch a glimpse of the new epMotion® 96 Flex and join us in the transformation of productivity. It’s time to ‘flex up your team’.

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