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Exosome Production

Bioreactor system and centrifuge for large-scale exosome production and purification
Exosomes are naturally occurring extracellular vesicles secreted by cells with the primary function of carrying molecular payloads such as proteins or genetic material between cells. In doing so, exosomes have the ability to modulate cell communication, immune regulatory processes, tumor metabolism, and regenerative/degenerative processes. They have recently become of great interest for their use as therapeutic and diagnostic tools. Research into exosomes in the preclinical cell and gene therapy (CGT) space is growing rapidly, creating an ever-greater need for large-scale production to meet the demands of exosome research and development projects. The use of stirred-tank bioreactors represents one of the best approaches to ensuring optimal production conditions and enabling tight monitoring and control of the bioprocess in a highly scalable setup. The use of centrifuges is considered the gold standard for the purification of exosomes from the culture medium.

How are exosomes utilized in the cell and gene therapy field?

Gene therapy vectors‌

Regenerative medicine‌

Strategies for exosome production

Now gaining traction, the use of exosomes for cell and gene therapy applications is increasingly reliant upon the production of high amounts of high-quality exosomes. As with every cell culture process, the exosome production workflow presents numerous opportunities to introduce variability, and this can lead to poor yield and batch inconsistencies. In comparison with conventional 2D culture platforms, bioreactors offer numerous advantages to control the cells’ growth environment and increase the working volume. Like this they are valuable tools to produce exosomes in a scalable and reproducible manner.

Exosome-producing stem cells

One of the most popular approaches involves culturing exosome-producing MSCs. Since stem cells are adherent, they require a surface to adhere to. Microcarrier-based cell culture systems are therefore often used to facilitatetheir growth in stirred-tank bioreactors.

Discover our products for exosome production

Discover our bioreactor control systems and centrifuges for exosome process development, scale-up of exosome production, and exosome purification.

Bioprocess development and small-scale production‌

Scaling up exosome production‌

Purification of exosomes by centrifugation‌

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