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Optimizing a Biosimilar Production Process

Lab Academy

The global market for biosimilars is expected to reach US$25 bn by 2020, when more than ten global blockbuster biopharmaceuticals, with sales of more than US$67 bn, will be off-patent. Many of these drugs are human or humanized monoclonal antibodies (hMAbs).

The objective of the research project presented in this webinar was to determine if the three primary methods of production for a typical biosimilar (batch, fed-batch, and perfusion) may be simply and easily executed using a single, benchtop bioprocess control system to allow confident process decisions that are scalable to full production. We compared two perfusion processes. For the fed-batch and perfusion cultivations, we used stirred-tank single-use bioreactors.

This webinar will discuss the outcome of these studies, and will provide an analysis of the benefits of their respective usage in biosimilar production with a particular focus on improving time and cost efficiency.

This webinar took place on Tuesday June 14th 2016

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