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Oprogramowanie do zarządzania urządzeniem


O Oprogramowanie do zarządzania urządzeniem

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Enhance your lab management with our digital solution

Designed to empower you to focus on ​your next breakthrough, VisioNize® Lab Suite is your lab software solution for effective lab and maintenance management. One platform offering the following feature options:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Alert Notifications
  • Device Documentation
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Data compliance
  • Lab Equipment Booking
  • Remote Updates & more

The lab management platform VisioNize Lab Suite

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Detailed plan comparison

Find out more about our plans in the detailed plans description below.


VNLS Essentials

VNLS Sample Safety+

Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor connected lab devices and track status, parameters and performance history from anywhere at any time.

Instant Notifications
Receive alarm, error or event notifications to address any issues quickly.
Email only Email & SMS messaging
Non-connectable devices
Manage an unlimited number of nonconnectable devices by device data entry, e.g. serial number and location.

Software Updates
Receive remote device software updates for
connected Eppendorf lab devices.

Task Management
Plan and assign device-related tasks and get
notified when due.

Document Management
Quickly retrieve relevant device documentation, e.g. operating manuals and other SOPs.

Device Data Export
Export device parameter, event data and any
user interactions.

Device Data Access
Quickly retrieve all relevant device data and go back in time with the history view.

7 days

90 days
Lab Equipment Booking
Book and plan the usage of your devices in one shared calendar to boost productivity and smooth execution of your experiments, e.g. PCR run.

Audit Trail
Track user interactions or alarm acknowledgements with time-stamped data in
an audit trail.

Response-Based Alarm Escalation
Define escalation schemes to individual or
multiple recipient groups based on lab presence.


Pricing depends on number of instruments connected.
Click here to navigate to the subscription portal and to create your individual offer:
Pricing depends on number of instruments connected.
Click here to navigate to the subscription portal and to create your individual offer:

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