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Vaccine Development: Upstream Bioprocess Development and Scale-Up

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Vaccination is the most effective medical intervention ever introduced to eliminate large part of the infectious diseases. The development of a right vaccine has its own share of challenges and difficulties in getting into the market. Of any vaccine candidate development, the main flagbearer is Upstream process on which the success of the product largely depends. Further optimization of this upstream process requires critical analysis of numerous parameters which is possible only with highly evolved and improving bioprocess systems apart from scientific acumen. This presentation mainly focuses on the steps involved in the Vaccine development and provides a one stop shop solution for vaccine research and development thru Eppendorf Bioprocess Systems.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Basic steps of vaccine development
  • Key parameters required for successful development of vaccine candidate
  • Major critical functions for faster scale up of vaccine candidate
  • Major Bioprocess systems useful for vaccine development

Date & Time:

Webinar took place on Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Ananth Sharan, Infield Application Specialist, Bioprocess, Eppendorf India Ltd.

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