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Contact our Experts

Contact our Experts

Trust our expertise to find the right customized solution for you.

Eppendorf OEM Brings Innovation
to Customization

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You can have anything, when it’s Original Eppendorf Made

If you’re struggling to find what you need in an off-the-shelf product, our talented OEM team is here to help.
Our proven expertise and innovation capability mean we can adapt your favorite consumables to meet your exact specifications.

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With you every step

Our OEM specialists work with you at eye-level, expert-to-expert, all the way from initial brief and prototype to the commercial production of your high value plastic consumables.

At every stage, you’ll find our recommendations are focused on building-in reliability, profitability and ease, to support your real-world IVD and diagnostic needs:

  • Material selection
  • Process refinement
  • Global market compliance
  • Worldwide logistics
  • Vertically-integrated supply chains

That’s OEM done right, that´s Original Eppendorf Made.

Two men holding a black OEM pipette tip as customized solution with toolshop in the background.

Customized solutions and OEM – small changes make the difference

Eppendorf consumables are a synonym for quality and precision thanks to years of experience, innovations and most advanced manufacturing technologies. With our Customized Solutions we offer customized tips, plates and tubes tailored to your needs.

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Get in touch

To begin taking advantage of Eppendorf Consumables, please contact us.

Your Benefits when Partnering with Eppendorf OEM

With Eppendorf OEM, you’ll benefit from our decades of experience in the manufacture of premium-quality components as well as our deep scientific domain understanding. Benefit from our experience and infrastructure to manufacture high quality consumables meeting your requirements. Our experience is your benefit.

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Our Experience is Your Benefit

ISO-certified for your confidence

Eppendorf is certified according to world recognized and accepted ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 standards.This gives you the confidence that all processes in product design, manufacturing and marketing are defined and monitored in order to ensure consistent products and services.

OEM man with laptop viewing ISO certifications of Eppendorf OEM for customized solutions.

IVD-readiness and compliant documentation and processes

The number of standards, guidelines and regulations that apply biological, diagnostic and industrial laboratories are constantly increasing and thus the need to provide proof of compliance with these requirements.
What we offer:

  • Full documentation of your product requirements and specifications
  • Documentation of performance testing
  • Protocols of validation run
  • And many more – please contact us to verify your requirements

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Case Study: More Than 25 Years of Partnership – Trust Our Expertise

Discover how Eppendorf OEM experts worked with the market-leader in laboratory automation to develop a win-win business model and 25-year partnership. Trust Our Expertise.

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