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Bioreactor 기술과 폴리머 제조의 강력한 시너지를 이용하여 Eppendorf는 바이오프로세스 시장에서 고객에게 귀중한 자원을 제공하는 글로벌 리더로 부상했습니다.
Eppendorf 바이오프로세스 제품군은 R&D, 프로세스 개발, 실제 생산을 위한 종합적이고 확장 가능한 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어 솔루션을 제공합니다. 산업 부문과 연구 부문 모두 단일 공급자가 제공하는 광범위한 바이오프로세스 솔루션의 혜택을 누릴 수 있습니다.

Beyond the product to scientific solutions - Discover Eppendorf Bioprocess

Discover application solutions, expert knowledge, and product information for a range of areas: Development of cell and gene therapies, upstream bioprocess development for antibodies, vaccines, and modern food, as well as microbial production. Benefit from the knowledge of bioprocess experts and get in touch with us.

New bioprocess product: Bioprocess Autosampler

With the Bioprocess Autosampler you can gain better bioprocess data with less effort. It takes samples from multiple bioreactors and stores them tempered for later analysis.

  • Enables regular, automated sampling 24/7
  • Saves space, because no sterile hood is necessary for operation
  • Keeps you flexible, because it is compatible with differently sized glass and single-use bioreactors

Service for your bioprocess equipment

As with all complex technical systems, Eppendorf bioprocess equipment should be maintained regularly to keep all parts in good working order. This maintenance avoids cost-intensive down times and contributes to preservation of value.

Eppendorf Bioprocess Performance Plans help you to maintain the optimal performance of your equipment over years of frequent use.