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Lab scientist with Eppendorf BioSpectrometer® basic photometer in the foreground.

광도 측정

1950년 Eppendorf는 최초의 광도계를 시장에 출시했습니다. 현재의 포트폴리오는 광도측정 분야에서의 Eppendorf의 전문성을 입증합니다. 다양한 기기와 액세서리로 구성된 광범위한 제품군에서 필요에 따라 선택할 수 있습니다. Eppendorf 검출 제품군을 사용하면 핵산 및 단백질 정량분석, kinetic 연구, ELISA, 형광 검출을 포함하는 효율적이고 간편한 분자 분석이 가능합니다. 뿐만 아니라, Eppendorf의 모든 검출 기기를 µCuvette G1.0 와 함께 사용하면 Microvolume 측정도 가능합니다.

When do I need what?

Depending on the sample concentration,
different photometric approaches are

UV-Vis Samples

Quantification of nucleic acids can be performed by measuring absorbance at a wavelength of 260 nm in a UV-Vis(spectro-)photometer. The OD260 value is used to calculate the concentration, using the sample specific factor, of the nucleic acid sample.

OD260 = 1* : 50 μg/ mL double strand DNA
40 μg/ mL RNA
33 μg/ mL single strand DNA

Annoyed by uncomfortable handling?

Ergonomics is far beyond the »ergonomically designed chair«. Eppendorf started to optimize the laboratory devices regarding ergonomics already in the early 1970s.In 2003, we started the PhysioCare Concept, focusing on ergonomic liquid handling devices like our pipettes. Nowadays, the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept is broaden up to include further laboratory products as a holistic solution to harmonize the workflow in your laboratory with your health and well-being, e.g. for the Eppendorf BioSpectrometer:

  • Guided software for easy handling
  • Clear indications at cuvette shaft for convenient handling
  • Direct keys for convenient handling
  • Small footprint to enable position in direct arm reach at your bench
  • Standardized »user-interface concept« for intuitive handling of devices
Further information about the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept:

Struggling with paper-based documentation?

The eLABJournal Electronic Lab Notebook offers an intuitive and flexible solution to document research and track research data like BioSpectrometer–based values. Improve efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching, and archiving collected data. With the free eLABJournal add-ons, you can extend the functionality of eLABJournal to a fully integrated Laboratory Information Management System.

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