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eLabInventory Sample Management System

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Lab worker scanning samples with eLabInventory sample management system

Increase organization and efficiency in your lab

Streamline lab management with an innovative inventory management tool that includes a sample management system.

Forget paper-based systems and take back control!
eLabInventory offers an intuitive and flexible solution for inventory management in laboratories. This highly customizable software organizes any sample type in the lab and can be fully configured to work in your unique environment.

Our eLabInventory sample management system enables you are your lab to:

  • Keep track – monitor lab inventories with ease – whether it’s sample tracking or stock management

  • Reduce costs – know where your precious samples and costly reagents are at all times

  • Increase productivity – lab members can quickly and easily access records and databases to locate samples or place new orders

eLabInventory is available standalone or integrated into eLabJournal.

eLabInventory Key Features

Our broad range of features and flexible add-ons makes eLabInventory perfect for your research institution. Check out our product comparison for a full feature overview.