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Contact Us for OEM products

Are you interested in partnering with Eppendorf OEM? Are you searching for a partner to develop your OEM product? Or did you just not find what you have been searching for in a product yet?

Let’s get in contact and see, what we can do for you. Our OEM experts are happy to verify your request.

1. What means OEM at Eppendorf?‌

2. Are all OEM products custom-made?‌

3. What is the minimum quantity for OEM products?‌

4. Does Eppendorf OEM have 510k for standard OEM products?‌

5. How is documentation secured?‌

6. What kind of documentation do you offer?‌

7. Does Eppendorf OEM offer IVD products?‌

8. What means scalable production for Eppendorf OEM?‌

9. Do I have the power over my product and its components?‌

10. How does Eppendorf OEM ensure high quality?‌

11. Can I do private labels with Eppendorf OEM?‌