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Best Practice: Automated Liquid Handlers in Action

Dr. Tim Schommartz, Global Marketing Manager, Eppendorf SE Akademia laboratoryjna

Pipetting Master Class #6

We presented you why and when it makes sense to automate your liquid handling – but how does this automation actually look like? Join us on an introduction to the work principles of automation and learn how pipetting robots can take over critical pipetting steps or complete workflows.

We will show you examples of the automation of several key methods including extraction protocols and NGS and demo both the automation hardware and software.

You'll learn:

  • How automated pipetting and sample processing works
  • Automation examples of applications like NGS
  • How automation software looks like and how it is used

Date & Time:

  • Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 16:00 (CEST)


  • Dr. Tim Schommartz, Global Marketing Manager, Eppendorf SE

Bio Speaker:

Dr. Tim Schommartz works as Global Marketing Manager for automated Liquid Handling and plates at the Eppendorf Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. He studied Molecular Life Science in Germany and Singapore. During his studies, he obtained a broad background in different workflows, ranging from molecular biology, cell- and infection biology to immunology and biochemistry. Tim Schommartz holds a Ph.D. in Virology from the University of Hamburg, focusing on viral cross-species infection. He joined Eppendorf in 2016 as an application specialist for automated liquid handling, where he acquired a deep understanding of automating lab routines.

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