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VisioNize pipette manager

Evolve your Eppendorf electronic pipettes

Meet the VisioNize® pipette manager

Who doesn’t enjoy greater freedom and convenience when it comes to pipetting? Be ahead of the curve!

Switch to connected electronic pipettes and boost your individual pipetting skills while bringing teamwork up to a new level.

Be the Next Pipette Manager

The VisioNize pipette manager enabling communication with connected electronic pipettes and transfer the settings to tablets.

Redefine "Routine Tasks" with the VisioNize pipetter manager

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Be faster

Quicker input of volumes via the VisioNize pipette manager. All settings will be transferred to connected electronic pipettes for an immediate start of pipetting.

Be more accurate

Get guidance by the software-embedded Liquid Manager when working with liquids of different viscosity, volatility, or surface tension, or foam-building liquids.

Choose from predefined Eppendorf liquid types, e.g. acetone, or create your own liquid types.
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Work more closely

Manage your pipette fleet more effectively and enhance collaboration in teams. Integrated features like »Pipette Set Creation« or »Liquid Type Sharing« support smooth and efficient operations.

Evolve Your Electronic Pipettes - Plug & Play

Stay flexible with your electronic pipettes!

Easily convert your conventional Eppendorf Xplorer® and Eppendorf Xplorer® plus electronic pipettes into a connected electronic pipette with the WiFi module.
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Reference Case: Improve Processing of your Immunoassays

Learn more about the advantages using Lumit immunoassays from Promega and the VisioNize pipette manager connected electronic pipette system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The battery provided with the Eppendorf Xplorer® connect WiFi module looks smaller. Does it have less capacity?‌

Is it possible to set the VisioNize® pipette manager to different languages like we know it from the Eppendorf Xplorer® software?‌

I am having old Eppendorf Xplorer®/Xplorer® plus electronic pipettes. Can I use them with the VisioNize® pipette manager?‌

What is the maximum distance between the VisioNize® pipette manager and the electronic pipette?‌

How to calibrate the pipette?‌