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Smart Cell Cultivation with Cell Culture Incubators

Man in the laboratory using a mobile phone to remotely monitor the performance of the biological shaker S44i with VisioNize.
Experience smart cultivation with cell culture incubators and VisioNize® Lab Suite to help you establish easy and reliable documentation of your device data.

The Smartness in your incubator for maximum cell incubation

Experience smart cell cultivation with the CellXpert C170i CO2 incubator and VisioNize Lab Suite. They will help you to establish cell-conserving user habits in your lab and and streamline daily routines.

Woman in the laboratory is changing the settings of the biological shaker Innova® S44i via the VisioNize touch interface

Further benefits of the VisioNize touch interface

The Future of Smart Cultivation is here!

Go one step further and experience more peace of mind during cell incubation. With the new CellXpert CO2 incubator and VisioNize , all data and events occuring during incubation will be documented and archived. And the best thing is: You don’t have to be near the device. Enjoy greater freedom!
An Eppendorf incubator shaker linked by colored lines with various electronic devices such as a computer and a smartphone.
All the data from your incubator with the CellXpert C170i CO2 Incubator will be stored in your VisioNize Lab Suite.

Stay in contact with your cultivating cells during incubation

What do you do if there’s an alarm in your cell culture lab and you’re not there? Eppendorf offers you a smart and easy solution with VisioNize. Connect your incubator to the VisioNize Lab Suite and stay ahead of situations like the one described above.

When you receive ana alarm notification, access the monitoring dashboard and scroll through the event list to see what preceded the alarm. Now you're prepared to take immediate action.

A couple of scientists checking the monitoring dashboard of VisioNize on the computer.

More stability during incubation phase

Enjoy more peace of mind thanks to the notifications sent by VisioNize. Receive information about, e.g., extensive door openings or harmful atmosphere changes.
This way, you can ensure a stable environment for your cultured cells and establish cell-conserving user habits in your lab. VisioNize also streamlines recurring routines and tasks such as checking the gas supply. Notifications remind you when action is needed.

Man using a phone to remotely monitor the temperature of the biological shaker in the laboratory.

Explore the world of VisioNize® Lab Suite

Important note
Depending on your country, VisioNize and the VisioNize services may not be available. You can either check the Eppendorf eShop or contact your Eppendorf Sales representative for details.