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All for One,
One for All.

Together with you, we want to give visibility to you and your projects. It is more important than ever to celebrate each of you and your contributions.

Therefore, we want to provide a platform for the academic community.
For you, your work, your projects. You have the opportunity to be part of it.

Time to Show Up!

Our first step towards creating this community is not only to give science a face, we want to portray its many faces. With pictures of many scientists just like you, we want to create a collage of people in academic research, showing that each scientist and their project is an integral piece of the puzzle that represents life science.
source: https://www.tatsachen-ueber-deutschland.de/de/forschung-und-innovation

Get in Touch with Us!

... and get the chance to be a part of the faces of science in the header image for Eppendorf. Please also describe your project if
you want to give an interview and let the world know what you contribute to the scientific world. Because Your Work Matters!