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Eppendorfバイオプロセス製品を発見してください! Eppendorfバイオプロセス製品のポートフォリオは、スケーラブルバイオリアクターシステム、ソフトウェアソリューション、消耗品、サービスで構成されており、これらの生産はバイオプロセス開発の需要に十分対応しています。何十年にもわたって、産業・研究分野に従事する弊社のユーザーの皆様に最高のクオリティの需要に応える唯一の製造元のバイオプロセス機器を役立てていただいています。私たちの目的は救命治療を世界にもたらすサポートをすることです。弊社のバイオプロセス製品によって、また、企業使命に沿って、私たちは人間の生活条件を改善する世界中のEppendorfのお客様の努力に貢献します。

Special offer for selected BioFlo® 320 controllers!

Fast delivery, special price. Visit our eshop and inquire to learn more!



Beyond the product to scientific solutions - Discover Eppendorf Bioprocess

Discover application solutions, expert knowledge, and product information for a range of areas: Development of cell and gene therapies, upstream bioprocess development for antibodies, vaccines, and modern food, as well as microbial production. Benefit from the knowledge of bioprocess experts and get in touch with us.

New bioprocess product: Bioprocess Autosampler

With the Bioprocess Autosampler you can gain better bioprocess data with less effort. It takes samples from multiple bioreactors and stores them tempered for later analysis.

  • Enables regular, automated sampling 24/7
  • Saves space, because no sterile hood is necessary for operation
  • Keeps you flexible, because it is compatible with differently sized glass and single-use bioreactors

Service for your bioprocess equipment

As with all complex technical systems, Eppendorf bioprocess equipment should be maintained regularly to keep all parts in good working order. This maintenance avoids cost-intensive down times and contributes to preservation of value.

Eppendorf Bioprocess Performance Plans help you to maintain the optimal performance of your equipment over years of frequent use.