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Male laboratory assistant standing in a laboratory room with Centrifuges at the back of a window, arms folded in front of chest and smiling contentedly.



Your challenges are multidimensional – so are our offerings

In your daily research work, you will encounter a variety of challenges. That’s why we continuously work to understand your unique issues and provide you with tailored solutions to suit your needs, so you can spend more time focusing on your research. Our solutions go beyond the centrifuge itself to provide everything you need to ensure the best performance and best results every day.

Our high-quality devices offer innovative features to optimize your experience and your results.

Rotors & Adapters
A great variety of accessories ensure application flexibility – for your separation tasks of today and tomorrow.

Protect your valuable samples by using only the best consumables tailored to your needs in format, size and purity grades.

Digital products
Get everything you need for a connected and paper-free lab of the future.

Enjoy peace-of-mind and maximize your uptime with your choice of epServices.

Sustainable production, energy-saving operation and an innovative coolingsystem are just some of the ways Eppendorf supports the environment.