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  •   リキッドハンドリング(ピペット、ディスペンサー、自動LHワークステーションなど)や遠心分離機およびエッペンドルフテストチューブ、ピペットチップなどのプラスチック製消耗品。
  • 分子生物学機器およびPCRコンプリートシステム(試薬、消耗品、機器を含む)、核酸精製(手動および自動)、UV測光(機器および消耗品)、および細胞操作。




Application Support for epMotion

Are you having trouble with an automated protocol or are not sure how to optimize your epMotion® method? 

Do you want to know which NGS kit methods are already tested, qualified and available for epMotion?

We are happy to advise and assist you with the programming of your epMotion application to ensure an optimal result, or check the list of available methods by clicking the button below.

Our highly skilled automation specialists are available for you when contacting the Eppendorf Application Support.

NGS methods

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