Eppendorf Moments

  • Tara Aug 28, 2020

    I was feeling frustrated as our multichannel pipette was not giving a tight seal when dispensing liquids for an important PCR plate. Some handed me some Physiocare Concept Eppendorf tips, and it was a success. Frustration free and the results came out great. Since then we have ordered these tips and Eppendorf pipettors to do our experiments.

    Location – where did this happen: Texas

  • Denis Aug 21, 2020

    I had a moment when in the biochemistry bench we had lots of faulty pipettes from 50ul-100ul,100ul-1ml pipettes that ended up not being precise with pipetting technique.

    The staff assigned to the bench had challenge pipetting reagents thus had to resort to preparing those with slight fault and improvised until new ones where procured.

    These pipettes have been used over and over at the biochemistry section and I have foreseen work continuously done with them.

    Now we lead a story to tell since there was never a time tests were not done because the pipettes missed.


    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Nairobi Pumwani maternity laboratory

  • Sigrid Aug 21, 2020

    I’m selling products for a life science company in Australia. Together with OEM based consumables we are offering Eppendorf products as essential part of our customer solutions - and the feedback on its versatility and easy interface is excellent! Thank you and happy Birthday Eppendorf.

    Location – where did this happen: Sydney

  • Fred Aug 18, 2020

    Started using Eppendorf ergonomic pipettes, never looked back. The Eppendorf logo has forever been burned into my psychè as the go-to company for molecular biology. To me, Eppendorf is the most iconic lab supplier, and I purchase your products when I want the highest quality!

    Year – when did this happen: 2016

    Location – where did this happen: UCSF Mission Bay

  • Aneesa Aug 18, 2020

    When I joined my lab as a PhD student, my supervisor told me that I had to set up the Cell and Tissue Lab. So I started making list of all the equipment and reagents that was essential for the initial setup. While listing I made a point to select items that would be long lasting so that other students can use the equipments after I graduate. Pipette is one of the essential items that is needed for tissue culture on regular basis. Without any hesitation, I ordered 4 pipette sets (1ml, 200ul, 20ul and 1ul pipette) from Eppendorf. This is because of its reputation, accuracy and easy on handling. Besides, I have also used it in Bangladesh when I used to work there. Therefore, I still prefer using it and also recommend others to use it.

    Year – when did this happen: 2019

    Location – where did this happen: Australia

  • Jéssica Aug 18, 2020

    I started my PhD and got my first Eppendorf set of pippetes, they were like gold in our small lab. I kept them very organised inside a drawer and used them during my whole doctorate. I made a lot of experiments, some of them failed, others were a success... But always with my set of Eppendorf. When I finished I gave them to the next PhD students that still uses them.

    Year – when did this happen: 2011

    Location – where did this happen: Barcelona, Spain

  • Vijay Aug 18, 2020

    When I was working in safdujung hospital delhi that time in every lab people were using glass pipettes and me also. But one day my lab supervisor came and provided me one Eppendorf pipette and suggested me this is like new bride so keep it very carefully and do not use it everywhere. When you perform any special experiment then use this one. So that was a very memorable movement for me.

    Year – when did this happen: 1999

    Location – where did this happen: Safdurjung hospital

  • Agnes Aug 18, 2020

    This moment when I switched from a competitors pipettes at university during MSc - into Eppendorf at work. Shock and disbelief. Priceless ^_^

    Year – when did this happen: 2007

    Location – where did this happen: Poland - Cracov

  • Brent Jul 31, 2020

    I attended a small high school in a small suburb and taken as many science courses as I could. When I finally went to college, I used my first manual Eppendorf pipette in a Microbiology lab. This was in the early days of PCR and there was much emphasis on careful calculation and accurate measurement. My instructor was adamant about using only Eppendorf pipettes and she made a point to explain that working with DNA was no different than any other trade in that a worker was only as good as their tools. At the time, I didn’t realize how much of an impression that it had made on me. Now, I’m nearly thirty years into my career and I have yet to work a job where I’m not using a pipette on a regular basis. And the pipettes are always Eppendorf (because I ordered them myself when they weren’t available). Certainly, the pipettes have evolved over the years in many ways but, fundamentally, the basic design has been the primary tool that has allowed me to study an unseen world, make significant discoveries, publish new information, secure project funding, and make a real difference. So, thank you, Eppendorf, for never leaving me empty-handed. 

    Year – when did this happen: 1988

    Location – where did this happen: Chicago

  • Umut Can Oz Jul 31, 2020

    I have experienced with Eppendorf Research Plus pipettes in a micro-BCA total protein assay for the fist time during my PhD experiments.

    It was a giant leap for me but a small step for humankind.

    Year – when did this happen: 2013

    Location – where did this happen: Ankara - Turkey